Axiostat Haemostatic Dressings

Axiostat® is an award-winning sterile, hypoallergenic, single use, non-absorbable haemostatic dressing for the control of bleeding wounds.

Axiostat® stops moderate to severe bleeding due to cuts, abrasions, lacerations and ballistic injuries; Axiostat® will stop venous or arterial bleeding in 5-7 minutes.

Axiostat® is compact and lighter weight than other Chitosan-based Haemostatic dressings. It is easy to apply or stuff into wounds and can be easily torn up for the most applicable size, thus enabling paramedics/surgeons to treat multiple internal/external wounds in a systematic way without the bulk of conventional trauma dressings and other haemostats.

Axiostat® Haemostatic dressing is made of 100% Chitosan which achieve haemostasis quicker than other comparable dressings, it immediately adheres to the wound site, and can be applied through a pool of blood.

The Axiostat® Haemostatic dressing can be left on the wound for up to 48 hours, is easily removed with the use of saline solution therefore avoiding the risk of re-trauma, and is removed as a single homogenous piece thus minimising the risk of leaving particles in the wound site or causing emboli.

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