Latex gloves

Latex Gloves
At Western Medical Supplies we offer an extensive range disposable rubber gloves also widely known as Latex gloves which are recognised as the most sensitive but hardwearing of disposable gloves.
They are manufactured from natural rubber and offer greater strength compared to Vinyl gloves for example and are resistant to most aqueous solutions. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are easy to put on and remove, our disposable rubber gloves / Latex are have rolled cuffs for extra strength which also helps guard against fluid regress.
Not only do disposable rubber gloves / Latex provide exceptional strength, flexibility and durability but they also offer unrivalled sensitivity; making disposable rubber gloves / Latex the most widely used glove in many industries including the Healthcare Industry.
Disposable rubber gloves / Latex are used widely by Nurses, Dentists, Doctors, and Care workers, Undertakers, Veterinarians, Farmers, Tattooists, Hairdressers, Caterers, Cleaners and Mechanics and in a multitude of indoor / outdoor, wet or dry, clean or dirty environments.
Disposable rubber gloves which are widely known as Latex gloves come in a number of colours and various industries have their own preference for example the Tattooists and Mechanics generally use Black disposable rubber gloves but they also come in white, natural, blue and pink to mention a few.
The disposable rubber gloves also come in Pre-powered (PP) and Powder free (PF) the lightly powdered version ensure that they can be put-on or removed with ease.
At Western Medical Supplies we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality products at sustainable prices so if you have a retail our wholesale enquiry please contact us on 03335770099 (local rate) where one of our trained staff will be able to assist you.

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